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The Buddy Program

The mission of the Buddy Program is to link community volunteers to people living with HIV/AIDS in Western Montana in need of support.

People living with HIV/AIDS who participate in the Buddy Program lack a support system strong enough to help with routine tasks such as a trip to the grocery store or the Laundromat. But almost more importantly, they lack someone to hang out with, share their favorite music or root for their favorite team with. Someone to share a movie or someone that calls and says “Hi, how was your day?”

Buddy volunteers are people who care and are willing to get involved. They understand how much a friendly word and an offer of help can mean. They receive the training required to understand the disease and by volunteering, contribute to the goal of reducing the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.


Quote from a Buddy Participant: “It’s really great to be able to just be myself and have fun – and it’s nice to know that if I need help there’s someone who’s willing.”

Quote from a Buddy Volunteer: “Everyone deserves a friend -- no matter what society says.”


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Buddy Program or if you would like to be matched with a buddy, please e-mail Annette or call 543-4770.