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HIV Testing

What is anonymous rapid HIV testing?

The HIV testing that is available at Missoula AIDS Council is called a rapid HIV test because your test results are available in only 20 minutes.  You can choose what kind of sample you would like to give for the test; we can use a tiny drop of your blood or you can choose to swab your gums just above your teeth with the test paddle.  Both samples are effective and reliable.  The test detects whether your body is producing antibodies (your immune systems defense mechanisms) to the HIV virus. 

If the test reacts with HIV antibodies a line will appear on the test and we will assist you in obtaining a confirmation test.  A confirmation test involves a blood draw and will look specifically for the virus. 

The anonymous part means that you will not be asked to share your identity with us, so don't worry about introducing yourself when you arrive for your appointment. 

A few other things you should know before the test:

  • While you wait for your test to process, you will be guided through a risk assesment process with a trained HIV tester/counselor.
  • Only one person may be tested at a time and allowed in the testing room.
  • If you wear dentures or have gum disease the oral swab test option will not be available.
  • We cannot give you a piece of paper certifying your HIV status, if you need documentation you will need to seek confidential HIV testing.
  • We are located at 500 N. Higgins, that means we are downtown across Higgins from the Iron Horse and kitty corner to Wordens.  Enter on Higgins St. and head downstairs, we're the first office you'll come to. 


 HIV testing is available at MIssoula AIDS Council Monday thru Friday 9am-4pm.  You can walk-in or call to make an appointment and guarantee that a tester will be available, 406.543.4770