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Street Smart Intervention

Street Smart is a skills based intervention for at-risk youth.

The program's primary goals are to equip youth with the knowledge and tools to reduce unprotected sex acts, reduce number of  sex partners, and realize the risks of substance use prior to sexual activity.  This is accomplished through activities designed to increase self-efficacy, learning and practicing negotiation skills, identifying triggers to unsafe behaviors, and problem solving.

The program is an HIV/AIDS and STI prevention program originally designed for runaway and homeless youth that has been adapted to the meet the needs of Montana's at-risk youth.  The program is based on the social learning theory, which links feelings, attitudes, and thoughts to behavior change.

The program consists of eight 1 1/2 to 2 hour group sessions, one individual session, and one visit to a community based organization resource.    Curriculum can be tailored to specific organization's needs.  4 sessions, 6 sessions, or 8 sessions are available.  Specific goals on HIV/AIDS, STIs, pregnancy prevention, coping and negotiation skills, personalized risk behaviors and reducing drug and alcohol use will be obtained.

Session 1:  Getting the language of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Session 2:  Assessing personalized risk

Session 3:  Learning how to use condoms

Session 4:  Learning about the effects of drugs and alcohol

Session 5:  Recognizing and coping with feelings 

Session 6:  Negotiating effectively

Session 7: Doing Self-talk

Session 8:  Practicing safer sex

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