Brook Hiddink Review – How He Made $5 Million in Just 16 Months

Brook Hiddink is a Canadian entrepreneur who made $5 million in 16 months from his first e-commerce store. His secret was high ticket dropshipping, where he sold products from luxury brands for thousands of dollars a pop.

While his story is captivating, the claim of astounding financial gains begs for substantiation and verifiable proof. Our Brook Hiddink Review will assess whether his program is worthy of your consideration.

brook hiddink review

The story of Brook Hiddink is one that’s both inspiring and motivating. His journey into the world of ecommerce began with a career in law, but he soon found that the traditional legal path didn’t satisfy his desire for success. With a heavy law school debt hanging over his head, he decided to take the leap into online marketing, and ultimately discovered the world of dropshipping.

In just 16 months, he made $5 million with his first ecommerce store! And now he’s sharing his secret to success with others. Instead of stocking up inventory or dealing with shipping headaches, Brook focused on high-ticket products from reputable brands, advertising them to attract wealthy customers and drive sales. Now, he’s living the dream, sipping espresso martinis and making millions of dollars a year.

He’s now teaching others how to replicate his success with his new program, The High Ticket Ecommerce Incubator. In this course, he’ll walk you through the entire process of setting up your own ecommerce store and selling high-ticket dropshipping products. You’ll also learn how to optimize your ads and increase your conversion rates. And best of all, the course is completely free!

But if you’re not ready to take the plunge, you can still learn from Brook by signing up for his mastermind. This course is more advanced, and includes more detailed lessons on SEO, CRO, and email marketing. It will also teach you how to select your niche, set up a Google Ads account, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about Brook Hiddink, check out his Instagram profile. You can get an in-depth analysis of his profile and find out what kind of engagement he’s getting from his followers. You can even see the number of likes on his posts and stories. But if you want to go further, you can upgrade your subscription to access more insightful metrics from HypeAuditor. This way, you can get a better idea of how successful his content is and what type of collaborators he’s working with.

After a successful career as a hockey player in the Hockey League, Brook Hiddink’s entrepreneurial spirit took him down an alternate route. He decided to leave law school in his final year and explore the lucrative world of ecommerce. In 2021, he launched his first online store and quickly unearthed the immense potential of high ticket dropshipping. His commendable financial gains – approximately $5 million in just 16 months – have elevated him into an esteemed business owner and mentor.

His decision to move to is a testament to the allure of this dynamic city. With its warm weather, tax incentives, and vast networking opportunities, has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

Although he credits his success to his hard work and determination, Brook also emphasizes the importance of having the right support system in place. This is why he created his coaching program, “Ecom With Brook”, to help others build their own profitable online stores. The program has already seen a number of successful cases, including Jack and Joel who achieved $10k per month within four months.

E-commerce is a viable option for making income from home, but it requires time and effort to set up an online store, market products, and manage logistics. Fortunately, Brook Hiddink’s program offers to alleviate the hassle and make it possible to start an ecommerce business from scratch in as little as a week.

Brook Hiddink is an entrepreneur who made $5 million in his first 16 months with his first ecommerce store. He has since become a highly respected business owner and mentor to others looking for a similar success. To help others achieve their goals, he has created several programs to teach them the art of high-ticket dropshipping. One of these is a free 9-hour video course that covers everything from setting up a Shopify store to marketing products and finding suppliers.

The course also provides a detailed checklist to guide students through the entire process of starting an ecommerce business from scratch. It outlines the steps necessary to establish an LLC, EIN, tax certificate, bank account, and more. In addition, it teaches students how to create high-quality landing pages and social media accounts that will attract customers and drive traffic to their stores.

Unlike other ecommerce courses, Brook’s course focuses on selling high-ticket items rather than low-priced products. This approach yields higher profit margins and faster shipping times, which allows users to grow their businesses quickly. Additionally, the program includes a coaching service that helps students with their strategies and implementation.

Hiddink’s course also includes a series of video lessons that provide in-depth instructions for using a variety of ecommerce tools. It is recommended that beginners take the time to watch all of these videos before implementing any new software or strategies. This way, they will have a complete understanding of the process and can avoid costly mistakes.

With the economy shaky and 9-5 jobs getting worse by the day, more people are seeking alternative income sources. E-commerce is one of the most popular ways to do this, but it can be a lot of work, especially for newbies. That’s why many people turn to programs like Ecom With Brook. But is it really as good as it claims?

Brook Hiddink has become a captivating figure in the ecommerce world due to his successful dropshipping business. The story of how he made over $5 million in just 16 months is truly inspiring. His success has inspired him to create several programs to help others find the same success. These programs include Ecom With Brook and The High Ticket Ecommerce Incubator.

The free 9-hour Ecom With Brook course covers everything from creating a store to marketing your products. The program also includes a free 4-week blueprint and a list of profitable dropshipping products. There is also a paid mastermind option that offers more advanced content and strategies, including Google ads and CRO. The mastermind includes access to a private Slack channel, group coaching, and 1-on-1 coaching from Brook.

Unlike traditional dropshipping, Hiddink’s approach focuses on selling high-value products that are more likely to convert into sales. This can lead to higher profits and a faster growth rate. Additionally, his method avoids the pitfalls of low-quality products and long shipping times that can be detrimental to a business.

One drawback of the course is its emphasis on paid advertising. This may not suit dropshippers who prefer to use organic marketing methods or have limited budgets. In addition, the course only focuses on Shopify, which can be challenging for those who use alternative ecommerce platforms.

However, the program has a number of benefits that can make it worthwhile for those looking to start a new career or business. The program provides a step-by-step process to help you launch your online store and start making money. In addition, the program also offers training and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs.

The program is available in a variety of formats, including video and audio. It also includes a detailed action plan and a comprehensive glossary of terms. The program also includes a bonus course with lessons on leveraging YouTube and social media to drive traffic to your website. In addition, the program has a number of case studies and testimonials from successful students.